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With over 30 years of experience in multiple fields including manufacturing, real estate and development, Michael moved to Romania in 2006 to build a family real estate business, Intero Property Development. In late 2019, Intero Property Development concluded the largest land sale of the year through selling half of its Bucurestii Noi plot to Skanska for more than 23 million Euros.

In early 2020, the global pandemic, Coronavirus, began plaguing the world. Michael decided to get involved with the fight against this pandemic and started Naguma Medical Supply SRL in March 2020 with his children, family and close group of friends. Naguma will be supplying millions of PPE masks to Romania as of early April with plans to help other countries as well.

Michael is focused on facing this pandemic directly and helping as many countries as possible in their individual battles.




Since graduating Michigan State University in 2015, Michael has held several sales, marketing and financial leadership roles in multiple industries. In these roles, Michael has consistently been a top performer, setting numerous records in several companies.

Michael joined Supreme Level Media as a minority owner and VP of sales starting in 2018. He helped increase the turnover of the company by over four times and continues to work on its future in the online marketing field.

Michael moved to Romania in April 2019, joining the family real estate business, Intero Property Development.

For Naguma Medical Supply SRL, Michael is focused on Sales, Marketing and Philanthropy.


Head of Logistics


Since graduating Michigan State University in 2017, Tyler has earned valuable experience working within three high paced technology sales organizations in Toronto, Canada. He received several awards for his ability to consistently overachieve sales targets.

Tyler moved to Romania in October 2019, joining the family real estate business, Intero Property Development.

For Naguma Medical Supply SRL, Tyler is focused on Transportation Logistics.

About Us


Our goal is to rise to the highest standards at the highest level in the medical protective equipment industry.

We contracted the most specialized entities in the field. We carefully studied the products. We have collaborated with the most specialized and well-known equipment testing laboratories to ensure that our products meet all conditions and comply with all standards without exception.

Our mission is to provide the best protective equipment, in the shortest time and at the fairest prices to all those who need or work in the medical industry.

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