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About Us

Naguma Medical Supply

Our company joined the global fight to combat COVID-19 from the beginning and its purpose is to supply PPE equipment providing the lowest cost for everybody to be safe. The main and most effective products are the 3ply medical and hygienic masks and KN95 Protective Mask.

The main supply chain is situated in Europe working in partnership with one of the biggest manufacturers in China and all products are delivered mainly by private cargo planes and trucks. Naguma is also supporting the first line responders, the NGO's, public forces and authorities with donations of goods and money.

About Us


Our goal is to rise to the highest standards at the highest level in the medical protective equipment industry.

We contracted the most specialized entities in the field. We carefully studied the products. We have collaborated with the most specialized and well-known equipment testing laboratories to ensure that our products meet all conditions and comply with all standards without exception.

Our mission is to provide the best protective equipment, in the shortest time and at the fairest prices to all those who need or work in the medical industry.

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